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spanish Crash Course with your personal trainer in Mallorca


Our native Spanish language trainers will have you sounding like a local in no time while exploring Mallorca, having tapas or at your place.

Experience Spanish the real way

In your finca, at the market or on a hike, learn Spanish intuitively with your personal language trainer. Enjoy the escape from everyday life and look forward to la vida loca.

Quick progress

While ordering tapas, wine tasting or shopping, your language skills will grow naturally and effortlessly. Best of all? after the training you will be equipped to communicate in Spanish and feel at home in Mallorca.

Way beyond a traditional course

The focus will be on communication. You will speak from the first lesson. This turns the island paradise into a second home. The package is rounded off with an online offer so that you can make progress even after you finish your training.

Immerse yourself in different scenarios feeling comfortable in each one of them. From ordering food like a native to getting official paperwork done, no matter the situation you are in, you’ll feel comfortable speaking as if you had lived your entire life in Spain. Build friendships with real Mallorcans, deal with local craftsmen in a direct way and set yourself apart from typical expat in Spain. 

This is what your experience will look like...

Personal Language Trainer

  • Learn Spanish intuitively like children do.
  • Your Personal Language Trainer comes to your location (you choose where to have the class, it can be anywhere). For a finca without an address, simply send us your location. All sessions can take place online any time if you wish.  
  • All sessions are one-to-one or mini group. But you can be part of a private small group with your family and friends. This creates a relaxed atmosphere.

A concept designed just for you...

  • You will improve your Spanish all the time, anywhere you go. Unlike traditional language schools, you will immerse yourself in everyday life with your personal language trainer.
  • Our language trainers are native speakers and qualified teachers. You can expect didactic quality and great patience to achieve the greatest possible progress.

  • One language level consists of 30 units. If you don’t complete any unit while on the island during you can do it anytime online. You’ll be ready for your next trip to Mallorca.

Having a personal language trainer, allows you to customise each class the way it best helps your needs. This way, you can enjoy your holidays in Mallorca to the fullest and improve your Spanish skills at the same time.

Get your personal language trainer in 3 simple steps

Click on "Book a session" and fill out the form explaining how you want your classes to be.

You will receive confirmation of how we will implement your class by e-mail or in a phone call

Vamos! Your language trainer will be waiting for you in Mallorca.

For all details and individual questions, click on the button “Request a more details”. 

Learn as much as you can while enjoying your holidays in just 1 week

Not staying long on the island or not coming back regularly to make the Personal Language Trainer worthwhile?
If you are looking for a cultural highlight for your Mallorca short trip with friends, this is the training for you. For 7 days you can enjoy the best of the island without having to plan anything yourself. Your personal language trainer will show you the most beautiful places, the tastiest restaurants and the most fantastic views. Experience cuisine, culture and language at this holiday training in a traditional finca hotel.